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Performa 07 Live
Here's your chance to read comments, reviews and ideas arising out of this year's Biennial posted by specially commissioned writers, critics and theorists. The Writing Live Fellows have been generously supported by Arts Council England.

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11/13/07 01:44:21 pm
PERFORMA07 Grand Finale at the Hudson Theater!

An exciting line-up to celebrate the conclusion of PERFORMA07! A night of artist bands and surprise performances on November 20, 9 pm at the
The Hudson Theatre at Millennium Broadway Hotel (145 West, 44th Street) with:

Cynthia Hopkins
Cory Archangel
Nick Hallett
Dynasty Handbag
Brooklyn Double Dutch
Stars Like Fleas
HK119 (from Finland)
Asia Today (Elmgreen Dragset)

DJ Pierce
Baby Bitch T

Special guest stars!


11/12/07 11:18:53 am
Check out WPS1- PERFORMA07's radio station!

Art Radio is the official Internet radio station for PERFORMA07. Select events will be recorded and archived on the website, so
check it out!

11/01/07 05:33:42 pm
PERFORMA TV is live!

PERFORMA TV is live! Click

10/30/07 06:09:49 pm
Writing Live: Writers Hub kicks off

Building on the success of NOT FOR SALE, the dynamic education series initiated in 2004 in anticipation of the first PERFORMA biennial in 2005, PERFORMA is pleased to announce WRITING LIVE. This peer review forum has been specially designed in support of a new generation of artists, authors, and critics engaged in discussions around prescient issues in performance and new media, and the related task of writing about art and artists whose work encompasses several disciplines at once.

WRITING LIVE will involve an international group of curators, critics and emerging writ-ers, bringing together a unique mix of different voices in a network of critical writing and debate around PERFORMA 07. Throughout the biennial writers will participate in WRITING LIVE: WRITERS HUB a rolling program of practical writing workshops kicked off with keynote remarks by RoseLee Goldberg and David Levi Strauss (Tues 30 Oct, 11am ??“ 3pm). Writers Hub will also comprise collective peer review platforms (Tues 13 Nov, 12 ??“ 2pm & Tues 20 Nov, 12 ??“ 2pm) designed with a longer-term aim of sustain-ing conversations around art writing on contemporary performance. A special session will take place at Freemans Restaurant (Nov 9, 1 - 3pm) to coincide with Bring Me The Head of ... a sculpture by Serkan O?€zkaya co-presented by PERFORMA and Freemans.

In addition, writers will contribute to PERFORMA07 Writing Live blog by posting en-tries of reviews, daily round-ups, behind the scenes previews, opinion and interviews with biennial artists and curators here on the blog.

WRITING LIVE is directed by RoseLee Goldberg and Defne Ayas, and coordinated by PERFORMA07 Writing Live Fellows Rachel Lois Clapham, Rebecca May Marston and Mary Paterson. WRITING LIVE has been planned in collaboration with the SVA Gradu-ate Art Criticism and Writing Programme with in-part sponsorship by Arts Council Eng-land.

For a full schedule of events, lists of participating artists and venues, as well as the most up to date information please visit us on the web at


10/10/07 10:15:13 am
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>>PERFORMA07 Grand Finale at the Hudson Theater!...
>>Check out WPS1- PERFORMA07's radio station!...
>>PERFORMA TV is live!...
>>Writing Live: Writers Hub kicks off...
>>Become a PERFORMA Member Today!...