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Serkan Ozkaya

Bring Me the Head of..
PERFORMA 07 presents ???Bring Me The Head Of...???, a new experiential,
culinary work by Turkish artist Serkan ?–zkaya, which will have its US
Premiere at Freemans restaurant in New York City, October 27 ??“ November
20, as part of the second edition of the biennial of new visual art

???Bring Me The Head Of...??? is the name of a dish conceived by ?–zkaya that
will be incorporated into the restaurant's menu by Freemans??™ chef Jean
Adamson. The dish is the artwork: formed into the shape of a head of an
icon of childhood, cooked, served and eaten by patrons of the restaurant.

Freemans chef Jean Adamson selects the ingredients and creates a recipe
that fits seamlessly into the existing menu. However, unlike other menu
items, ???Bring Me The Head Of...??? will be listed as an artwork for sale,
and patrons will be invited to consume and thereby destroy the art.

?–zkaya's conceptual works are about appropriation and reproduction; they
usually operate outside traditional spaces for art in this case, on the
tables of one of New York??™s hippest restaurants. This work is produced
through a mutual relationship between the audience (the patron) and the
artwork (the food), and perhaps most importantly, it is about a unique
experience with a reproducible art piece, that can be created and
destroyed as many times as patrons order the dish.

???Bring Me The Head Of...??? is also about creating a new venue for
sculpture??”in this case, a restaurant instead of a gallery??”as a space for
an aesthetic experience. It requires a certain leap of faith: in order to
experience ?–zkaya's art, one has to go to the restaurant, select the dish,
devour it, and pay for the experience in all its conceptual, experiential
and tasteful layers.

End of Freeman Alley
Off of Rivington between the Bowery and Chrystie
New York, NY 10002
T: 212 420 0012

October 29th - 20th, 2007
11 am - 4pm
On View: Nov. 01-20. Price of Lunch