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11/10/07 10:15:18 am
???A Multitude of Elsewheres??™

Vito Acconci A Live Reading at Swiss Institute, Nov 7.

Being better acquainted with Acconci??™s language-based performances and photographic works from the 60??™s and 70??™s it was a refreshing surprise to hear him read from unrealized architectural and design projects this past Wednesday evening.

During the reading the artist read four ???chapters??™ from the writing project, each chapter dealing with a different architectural theme (e.g. ???Buildings Inside/Out??™). Between chapters Acconci played ???interludes??™??”CD tracks of some of his 70??™s recording projects.
That the 70??™s recordings should be interposed Acconci??™s mainly 90??™s and 00??™s architectural writings proved a bit like time-travel (???Vito??? then, ???Vito??? now), yet also consistent with a sense of delay pervasive throughout Acconci??™s entire work.* For instance, the series of performances he did in the early 70??™s involving the transportation of his library back and forth from his West Village apartment to a gallery where he was showing Uptown; when he wanted to peruse any of his books he would have to get on a train, delaying research. Or the infamous St. Mark??™s Poetry Project ???reading??? consisting of a series of phone calls to the audience at the Project from different phone booths throughout the city. Acconci??™s represented voice arrived, as well as his coordinates on the ???grid,??? however never the bodily presence of the performer one expects from a poetry reading context.

If any delay is at work in Acconci??™s reading of last Wednesday it is that of architectural endeavors that also never embody or presence themselves for any number of reasons (because the money doesn??™t exist, or technology hasn??™t become sufficiently developed; because a particular location is not available or convenient). Among the projects Acconci proposed one of my favorites was his plan for a ???research station??? in Antarctica. Here the metaphysical thrust of the artist??™s writings was felt as Acconci announced ???an Antarctica of the mind??™ and imagined ???seeing the mind??™ itself through the ???blankness??™ of Antarctica. ???Think of this world as a blank piece of paper??™. The ???beacon??™ of the Antarctica research station, likewise, would project a light not for ???anyone??™ (as hardly any one goes to Antarctica and fewer still inhabit it) but for ???itself??™. A communion or conveyance with the stars (???information gets pulled down from the stars??™). A space-age movie house for a cold, iconoclastic geography (???a movie that is the air we breathe??™).

Many of the spaces Acconci chose for his implausible projects may be considered utopian in a literal sense, the term deriving from the Latin for ???no place???. In the spirit of Italo Calvino??™s Invisible Cities or (closer still) Arakawa/Gins??™ Reversible Destiny projects Acconci enumerates spaces of potentiality, the drafts of a capable artist-architect??™s imagination unloosed.

Other projects I especially liked were for a garden at W. 24th St. in New York City along Chelsea??™s ???Highline???. Here a ???crisscross of moving greenery??™ would allow the occupant to ???move through a magic carpet??™ eventually ???becom[ing] a spaceship [him]self??™. Other aspects of Acconci??™s utopian projects were to confuse opposed categories such as ???nature??? and ???culture,??? ???appearance??? and ???reality,??? ???identity??? and ???non-identity,??? ???surface??? and depth,??? ???inside??? and ???out,??? ???public??? and ???private???. As the utopian must admit the all-too-specific as well as the wildly implausible Acconci also projected a National Quilt museum for Indiana where each room of the museum would showcase a different type of quilt, or quilt by itself. Here the artist acknowledged the quilt as an American art form exemplary for its ???multitude of elsewheres???: places, identities, substances, beliefs, fabrics and stitching patchworked.

Other projects included a ???Plaza of Plazas??? for Strasbourg whereby the elements of the typical plaza should be set into motion creating a plaza its occupants ???never knew they wanted until they formed it by accident??™. Also a ???Sculpture Jungle??™ for the Czech Republic (???another world that??™s somewhere but isn??™t here yet??™) and a ???transfer??™ for an airport in Atlanta.

In the ???transfer??™ piece the connection between the ???no place??? of Acconci??™s unrealized projects and writing itself was evident in the many puns at play (???you have lost your head, you have gained still another head??™), as well as the conceitful position of Acconci??™s narrator (first he tells his reader he is home in NYC, then says he has lied, he is in Atlanta, then says he is ???nowhere??™, he is at an airport, writing). Indeed we have perhaps always been nowhere before Acconci??™s work, which consistently pits its audience between here and there, arriving and departing, potential and actual, on paper and off. For Acconci, who began his career as a poet and in so many ways still acts as one, language itself finally seems the ultimate elsewhere.

*for more about Acconci??™s ???delay??™ see Craig Dworkin??™s introduction to Acconci??™s 2005 MIT Press book, Language to Cover the Page (ed. Dworkin).

Thom Donovan

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