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Alison Knowles
Allan Kaprow
Are You Meaning Company
assume vivid astro focus
David Adamo
Elke Krystufek
Emily Sundblad
Fia Backstr?¶m
Hans Isaksson
International Festival
Jelena Rundqvist
Karl Holmqvist
Marianne Vitale
Michael Portnoy
Rainer Ganahl
Shaun El C. Leonardo
Zoila Imaculada de la Concepcion

SN?–FRID N?°0 - World Premiere

You - Ongoing - Read and perform Sn?¶frid ?°0
Rainer Ganahl -? 9.30pm - "Bicycle Quartering"
Allison Knowles - 10.00pm
International Festival - Occasionally
Michael Portnoy -? Occasionally -? "How to Be Around Yourself"
Emily Sundblad -? Occasionally? 
Fia Backstr?¶m -? Ongoing -? "... and through its history of formalism - the sheer pleasure of viewing, the various systems of signification and the production of consumption? were all part of a larger effort, for which the ultimate aim was order and unification."
Are You Meaning Company -? Ongoing
David Adamo - Decor

Sn?¶frid is an art magazine. Sn?¶frid (which means ???peaceful snow??? in Swedish) has developed from a vague idea to a persona, a Scandinavian woman, possessing both depth and glamour, who feels a close affinity to Chanel no 5. She thinks of herself as a mirror that shatters the world around her into a reflective image of herself and her readers. Sn?¶frid will tell you about phenomena and people that excite her most for the moment, discussing and performing the analysis with the help of different collaborators.

Issue ?°0 is a performance manual that can be used by readers to create their own performance.

Sn?¶frid Issue #0 will include: assume vivid astro focus (NYC), Michael Portnoy (NYC), Alison Knowles (NYC), Are You Meaning Company (Nagoya, Tokyo), assume vivid astro focus (NYC), Fia Backstr?¶m (NYC), Rainer Ganahl (NYC), Karl Holmqvist (Berlin, Stockholm), David Adamo (NYC), Tove Leffler (Stockholm), International Festival (Stockholm/ Nilreb/Heaven), Shaun El C. Leonardo (NYC), Jelena Rundqvist (Stockholm), Hans Isaksson (Stockholm), Emily Sundblad (NYC), Zoila Imaculada de la Concepci??n (NYC, Santiago de Chile), Elke Krystufek (Vienna), Marianne Vitale (NYC) and Allan Kaprow.

Smith-Stewart Gallery
53 Stanton Street
New York, NY 10002

November 16th, 2007
8 pm - 11pm
and Fruit & Flower Deli