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Carolee Schneemann

Remains to Be Seen: Kitch??ôs Last Meal
The third part of her autobiographical trilogy (with Fuses and Plumb Line), Kitch??ôs Last Meal documents, among other things, the demise of Schneemann??ôs cat-comrade, Kitch. Presented in varying configurations and lengths over the years, Kitch??ôs was shot in Super-8mm and shown simultaneously on two projectors with one image arranged above another. This configuration is duplicated in Anthology??ôs preservation, and the sound is played from CD in an attempt to keep the ???live??? nature of the film intact. If you have not seen it before, Kitch??ôs undoubtedly stands as one of Scheneeman??ôs most emotionally gripping and cathartic works.

REMAINS TO BE SEEN: New and Restored Films and Videos of Carolee Schneeman

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Nov 7: Artist Talk & Screening
Nov 15: Restorations & New Works

Anthology, EAI, and PERFORMA07 join together to celebrate the indomitable Carolee Schneemann. With a prolific oeuvre that spans 40-plus years of activity, Schneemann never ceases to cross all mediums, thresholds or boundaries. Whether making handcrafted diary films, provocative performances, photos, paintings or installations, Scheneeman??ôs varied creations resonate with raw poetic power. In words, images and actions, Scheneeman deconstructs our ingrained preconceptions and everyday assumptions. Her art is deeply personal, sharply critical, intensely expressive and always incredibly honest.

REMAINS TO BE SEEN is an opportunity to discover recent videos by Schneemann alongside brand-new preservation prints of seminal film works. Anthology is ecstatic to debut the preservation of Kitch??ôs Last Meal, a film originally presented as a vertical double-super-8mm projection. A second program will feature the NYC premiere of Anthology??ôs stunning restoration of Fuses, alongside newly discovered and preserved Schneeman films from EAI and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003
T: (212) 505-5181

November 16th - 17th, 2007
7 pm
$8 , $6 , $5
Anthology Film Archives Box Office. Advance RSVP required for PERFORMA Members to receive discount.