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Ronnie Bass

Coinciding with duration of Performa07, PerformaTV is a 24/7 live and continuous Internet video stream broadcast from a stage-set designed by artist Ronnie Bass and hosted by Columbia University's School of Visual Arts. Scheduled and impromptu events from artists, curators, critics, and art historians will include interviews, discussions, performances and concerts.

Although there is the potential for action at any time, performances will take place every day at 11 am and 9 pm.

PerformaTV is an Internet based video project conceived to provide a live, open and public platform for the artists and organizers of PERFORMA07, PERFORMA TV is intended to serve as both a supplemental resource and as a performance venue with worldwide viewing accessibility.

The stage-set will consist of a few basic amenities intended to create an environment conducive for discussion and performance, such as: chairs, a small refrigerator, and a plant. Ways in which the set is utilized and changes throughout the course of events are expected developmental aspects of chance associated with the project.


November 1st, 2007