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Long March- Qiu Zhijie

The Thunderstorm is Slowly Approaching
The Thunderstorm is Slowly Approaching, by the artist Qiu Zhijie, takes the traditional Chinese dragon dance as a starting point for investigating the pressures to hide national identity within a ???host?? culture, in a festive public gathering in Chinatown. The Thunderstorm is Slowly Approaching includes installation, performance, video, and a ceremonial ten-member dragon dance team wearing a costume made from camouflage.

Beginning in Chinatown at noon and ending at 2 pm, The Thunderstorm Is Slowly Approaching will arrive at the Asian Contemporary Art Fair at Pier 92 at 3 pm.

Pier 92 is located on Manhattan's far West side on the Hudson River (Twelfth Avenue) at 52nd Street in the Passenger Ship Terminal complex. The Pier is easily accessible by public transportation, taxi, and private vehicle. The nearest subway stop is four blocks East at 50th Street and Eighth Avenue.

November 10th, 2007
3 pm - 3pm