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David Medalla

David Medalla, Four Aces: Towards a nano theatre of Utter Meaninglessness
My performance is a participatory art event. I am looking forward to the collaboration of sixteen handsome young men of different nationalities. I will instruct them on simple movements to make in the course of the performance. They have to be lithe and agile and able to make graceful actions that also relate to break-dancing movements. They don't have to be dancers, although dancers are welcome.

Incidentally, the 16 young men will have to perform with naked torsos and on bare feet. They will wear a simple costume similar to the breech-cloth of Native Americans. Spectators at the performance will also be invited to inter-act, by means of sounds, hand gestures (kinetic mudras) and spoken words with the 16 young men and myself.

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November 6th, 2007
6 pm