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King Mob

King Mob & Special Guest: A Live Reading
Began in 1998, King Mob is a label sporting only the Spoken Word, and has released readings by the likes as Nick Cave, Charles Bukowski, Stewart Home, or Ian Sinclair. The Swiss Institute will pay its respect to the king in an evening devoted to these recordings and will welcome a special guest to do a live reading.

It??s proclamation reads:
???Music begone! (it??s good to talk). All music is dead, reduced to nothing more than competing background noise. Only the human voice can save you, sooth you, encompass & ignite your dreams. The King Mob is forced therefore to declare a war on musics / curfew the musician / silence the Din. Seize the rehearsal room, padlock it shut. Good folk demand passage of a bill for a 200 fold tax on every ownership of strings, picks, amplifiers, and that bloody banging drum (acoustic or mechanical). A license shall be required to consume any music & shall be refused with no recourse. We call for the shipping forecast to replace the national anthem. Poets & Writers become the new pop stars & exceed our expectations. Anyone caught grooving will be shot (there??s a kind of hush all over the world tonight). THE LOST CHORD IS THE VOCAL CHORD???.

The King Mob (A.D 98)

Swiss Institute ?? Contemporary Art
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New York NY 10012
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November 5th, 2007
6 pm