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Robert Barry

A Performance by Robert Barry
A live performance by Robert Barry. In an extract to a discussion held with Holger Weh in 1995, Barry developed on his use of the word : ???And from the projections then I started making sound pieces. In a room where there??ôs a projection it's usually dark, and you focus on one image in front of you, and that??ôs a certain kind of situation. But with a sound piece, where you hear the words spoken every 30 seconds or so, you??ôre in a lit room and you??ôre surrounded by the environment. You can hear things going on outside the gallery, or people are talking to each other. It's a more social situation ??ď you??ôre not focused on one thing. So it's kind of the opposite of the projections. This is the way I was working???.

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November 4th, 2007
6 pm