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Fia Backstr?m
Presented as a part of SN?FRID #0: World Premiere.

The parameters of what defines a program and an audience are highlighted in Backstr?m's mode of operation, where the generative logic unfurls across a stretch of situations, encompassing activities and their documentation, environments, gatherings, performances, artworks by other artists, writing, prints, readings, audio recordings and ephemera. Through a development of format and display methodology, Backstr?m engages peers and visitors in her excavations of the shifting faces of ideology, politics, advertisement and propaganda.

About the Artist
Fia Backstr?m is a New York-based artist, born in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work has recently been shown in the following solo exhibitions: 'Mmmore...' Marabouparken, Stockholm, 2007; 'Art Politiquement Engag? - Politische Engagiert K??nst', Sculpture Center, New York, 2007; selected recent performances and group exhibitions: ''24hr Experiment Marathon' Serpentine Gallery, London, 2007; 'Herd Instinct 360??', United Nations Plaza, Berlin, 2007; 'Kick it til it Breaks' The Kitchen, New York, 2007; 'The Price of Everything', Whitney ISP, New York, 2007; 'Happiness of Objects', Sculpture Center, 2007. Her texts has been published in magazines such as Pacemaker, North Drive Press, Artforum, and Art on Paper.

Co-presented by Snofrid and PERFORMA.

Fia Backstr?m,
SN?FRID N?0 - World Premiere

Showing at:
Smith-Stewart Gallery
Nov 16, 2007
8 pm - 11 pm
and Fruit & Flower Deli