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Making Atmosphere-Fallen leaves

Are You Meaning Company
Presented as part of SN?–FRID #0: World Premiere.

About the Artist
Are You Meaning Company was established with the project of making life more comfortable. If you find any part of your daily life unpleasant, we hope to be able to improve it and develop a more agreeable and enjoyable life for you. What our company can assist you in is limited to trivial inconveniences caused in every day life. For example, if you simply want someone to listen to what you have to say, if you just want somebody to be next to you, or if you simply want to eat together with someone else, we can help you out. By revising tiny parts of your life, we hope you will be able to feel more at ease.

SN?–FRID #0: World Premiere is co-presented by Snofrid and PERFORMA.

Are You Meaning Company ,
SN?–FRID N?°0 - World Premiere

Showing at:
Smith-Stewart Gallery
Nov 16, 2007
8 pm - 11 pm
and Fruit & Flower Deli