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Tania Bruguera
The first in a series of events to announce the creation of the new Party of Migrant People, an international institution with political aspirations which defines displacement and migratory condition on our contemporary society as a new international culture; where Kurds, Mexicans, Algerians, and Chinese migrants are all part of the same country: that one of the Migrant People. Delayed Patriotism" focus on the development of the American Government in the political landscape of the world in the last 100 years.

About the Artist
Tania Bruguera is an artist whose work over the past 10 years has been concerned with the impact of political discourse, ideology and power on people's lives. Viewed from different perspectives, she has unmasked various mechanisms of power where we (the people) are not victims but collaborators. Since 2002 (with the creation of "C??tedra Arte de Conducta" an alternative art school project in Havana) she started a series of projects where she moved on to appropriate not the language of power but the resources, the place of power. Bruguera is not interested anymore on representing a political situation but to create a political situation; to instead of reproducing some of the strategies used by political power, put them into motion. She has been working towards building utopias not as a state but as acting and implemented facts through social and behavioral performances.

Presented by The Bronx Museum of the Arts and FRANCOSOFFIANTINO ARTECONTEMPORANEA.

Tania Bruguera,
Delayed Patriotism

Showing at:
The Bronx Museum of the Arts
Nov 18, 2007
12 pm - 2 pm