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Pablo Bronstein, Balletto Neoclassico, 2007. Dancers from Teatro Nuovo, Torino. Courtesy Galleria Franco Noero

Pablo Bronstein
Paralleling his allegorical depictions of post-modern cityscapes in drawings and stage-set-like structures, Pablo Bronstein combines baroque dance with a work-like attitude to ordinary movement that is remniscient of the pared-down aesthetic of 1960s minimalist choreography. The straightforward practice of walking is convoluted, in his piece, by the mannered swirls and turns of a ritual pas-de-deux. For PERFORMA07, Bronstein will create a complex multi-part Plaza Minuet in four postmodern lobby spaces in downtown Manhattan. Within the everyday pedestrian activities of the working city, balletic poses crystallize temporarily, in a sequence of continuously revised tableaux vivants. Bronstein's combination of languages and styles re-connects the highly specialized tradition of ballet, as it was investigated by Balanchine and his peers uptown some 50 years ago, with the contrasting, simultaneous history of the radical "downtown scene".

Text courtesy of Catherine Wood

About the Artist
Pablo Bronstein (b. Buenos Aires, 1977) uses architectural design and drawing to engage with the grandiose and imperial past of the built environment. His preoccupation with form is also an influence in his live work: his project for the Tate Triennial (2006) blended the regimented patterns of baroque dance with the more minimalist choreography of the 1960s. His work has been exhibited at the Tate Britain, London, the ICA, London, and Mary Boone Gallery New York.

Presented by PERFORMA. Curated by Catherine Wood.

Pablo Bronstein,
Plaza Minuet

Showing at:
World Financial Center, 80 Pine Street, One New York Plaza, and 60 Wall Street
Nov 7, 2007
2 pm - 5:30 pm

Winter Garden, World Financial Center
2 2:30 pm

80 Pine Street
3 3:30 pm

One New York Plaza
4 4:30 pm

60 Wall Street
5 5:30 pm