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Jerome Bel, Pichet Klunchen and Myself, 2005. Photo by R.B.

Jerome Bel
Confronting traditional notions of performance, France??ôs Jerome Bel returns to Dance Theater Workshop with Pichet Klunchen and myself, a witty theatrical documentary of an intellectual encounter between two men. Pichet Klunchen and myself stages the meeting between traditional Thai dancer Pichet Klunchen and conceptual French choreographer Jerome Bel. Through a lively mixture of physical demonstration and spirited verbal debate, Jerome and Pichet??ôs lucid, humorous quest for understanding one another despite the abyssal cultural gap dividing them reminds us why contemporary art is worth caring about in the first place.

Post-Performance Talk Nov 7 with Sara Nash

Jerome Bel's Veronique Doisneau will also be shown on Nov 18 as a part of Dance After Choreography: The French Aftershock.

Veronique Doisneau
(2004, 32 minutes)

Never a star, rarely a soloist, Paris Opera Ballet dancer Veronique Doisneau, age 41, is about to retire after a career of dancing in the background as a corps de ballet member. On the final night of her career, she is at long last alone onstage, in front of a huge audience. With a humorous and moving mixture of spoken text and physical demonstration, Doisneau performs her life??ôs history as a dancer.

About the Artist
Jerome Bel (b. Montpelier, France, 1964) is an experimental choreographer whose witty, cerebral presentations break down the traditional barrier between performer and audience, and pose questions about virtuosity and the nature of dance. His 2005 performance The Show Must Go On was labeled as ???anti-dance??? for its unorthodox combination of pop music and minimalist movement. He has created work for the Paris Opera Ballet, and was the recipient of a Bessie Award in 2005.

Co-presented by Dance Theater Workshop and PERFORMA for PERFORMA07

Jerome Bel,
Pichet Klunchen and Myself

Showing at:
Dance Theater Workshop
Nov 7 - Nov 10, 2007
7:30 pm
$15 - Student
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Jerome Bel,
Dance After Choreography: The French Aftershock

Showing at:
Anthology Film Archives
Nov 18, 2007
4 pm
$6 - Student
$5 - Member
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