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He Yunchang
Beijing-based artist He Yun Chang is arguably the leading performance artist presently working in China. Over the last eleven years, he has created a series of unique and discrete solo performances in which he has placed exceptional physical demands upon himself both in terms of his strength and endurance. For PERFORMA07, He Yun Chang will make a set of mahjong tiles out of hollow cement bricks at Washington Square Park and will play this ancient but common Chinese game for three hours with various people on site. The familiar game's rules do not seem to change, but each round will have a different outcome influenced by changing desires.

About the Artist
He Yun Chang (b. Yunnan, China, 1967) is a performance artist who has subjected his own body to tests of extreme physical endurance, events that are documented in photographs. In 2001, he wrestled with 100 people, one after another, winning 18 matches and losing 82. In 2001, he exposed himself to water-cannons for 30 minutes, and then cast himself inside a concrete block. The recipient of a 2006 commission for a performance from the Tate Liverpool, He's work has been shown at the Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, and will be featured in a solo show at Chambers Fine Art, New York, in November 2007.

Presented by Chambers Fine Art for PERFORMA07.

He Yunchang,

Showing at:
Washington Square Park
Nov 9, 2007
4 pm - 7 pm