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Francis Baudevin
Specially commissioned by PERFORMA Radio, Swiss abstract painter Francis Baudevin creates a 2-hour abstract drone piece made from dozens of records.
Drawn from his extensive collection of experimental music records, this new sound work is an extreme accumulation of continuous sound, a densly packed barrage of information, and an extended moment of almost-stillness, a murmur that sounds like a storm passing through the airwaves, or else mistaken for dead air. Vinyl records with continuous drone-sounds are the most vulnerable to scratches, and the accumulated imperfections in these abstract soundscapes steer the piece away from still ambiance and towards a form of real-time composition. The beginning and the end of the work is marked by a "jingle" appropriated from an early vinyl copy of Terry Riley's "In C."

About the Artist

Aiming at expanding the field of performance to include radio-space and
encouraging artists to use radio as an artistic medium, PERFORMA Radio
invites visual artists to present works specifically designed for radio

Curated by Anthony Huberman.
Presented by Bethany Ryker on WFMU, 91.1FM-NYC and

Francis Baudevin,
PERFORMA Radio: Francis Baudevin
Curated by Anthony Huberman for PERFORMA Radio

Showing at:
Nov 4, 2007
9 pm