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Christian Jankowski
Inspired by an early morning discovery, and a desire to collaborate with his neighbor, viewers are invited to join Jankowski on the roof of his apartment building, to witness a unique form of morning calisthenics

About the Artist
Christian Jankowski is a multi-media artist working in video, photography, performance and literature. Combining different mediums to blur the borders between fiction and reality, private and public, Jankowski's work gently disarms his audience, subverting expectations and entertaining at the same time. After his initial exposition at the Venice Biennale which showed Telemistica in 1999, Jankowski has kept a busy exhibition schedule including several solo shows. With Telemistica, the production of the piece is its content when Jankowski speaks live on the phone with television psychics, questioning them about the success of his forthcoming artwork which they invariably affirm and which is being produced as he films the show. 16mm Mystery - a collaborative effort with the special effects team The Brothers Strause - shows the artist setting up a projector on the roof of a building with the Los Angeles skyline in the background. As soon as the projected film begins, it effects the collapse of a building in the background. Then, without revealing the content of the film, Jankowski casually returns to pack up the equipment and walks away. Jankowski lives and works in Berlin and New York and holds a sculpture professorship in Stuttgart. His work has been featured and reviewed in publications such as Artforum, The New York Times, Frieze, Art News, Art in America, Text zur Kunst.

Presented by PERFORMA

Christian Jankowski,
Rooftop Routine

Showing at:
141 Division Street, 8th Floor
Nov 3, 2007
10 am