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Michael Williams & Melissa Brown
"Time Booth" is a screen-play that is written to be performed using a photo booth. The artists will push the visual capabilities of a vernacular photo booth to the limit using unexpected visual effects, original props, and lighting tricks. The final performance will be documented by the eye of the camera.

For one week, the artists will work in the booth photographing scenes from the script. To begin the week, Michael Williams and Melissa Brown will present a one-night performance in which spectators can become extras and find cameos in the screen play.

About the Artist
Michael Williams and Melissa Brown have worked on a variety of collaborative projects for the past five years. The largest being an ongoing performance project entitled "Slow Jams Band." Slow Jams Band's most recent performance at MOMA used video, music, and performance to tell the story of the Band's DVD Player becoming cognitive and breaking up with the band. Past performances have involved themes of technological failure and cultural appropriation, respectively in the forms of fake skipping DVDs and a ForceField cover band called "FarceField." Select Slow Jams Band performances have been at PS1, the MOMA, Nada Art Fair, WPS1 radio, Deitch Projects, the Muster, the Frisbee Art Fair, Andrew Kreps Gallery, Kenny Schachter Contemporary, the Contemporary Art Center in North Adams, MA and the Anthology Film Archive.

Michael Williams and Melissa Brown have also collaborated on an installation
at ATM gallery entitled "Rowdy Remix", in which the performers gave each other and brave pedestrians extreme makeovers. Artists Marie Lorenz, Brian Belott and Andy Hershey also participated in the remix.

Organized by Kathy Grayson

Michael Williams & Melissa Brown,
Time Booth

Showing at:
Nov 11, 2007
7 pm - 11 pm