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"That Brute Beasts Make Use of Reason." 2007

Marianne Vitale
Since their INVASION in Reykjavik, the underground food palace CHOP SHOP on Delancey, and their constructions of the Perfect Man, Agathe Snow and Marianne Vitale have been conspiring to present their duel performance OK:KO // ON JUSTIFYING FLYING MAN HOLES.

Machismo's restricted within huts and forest over decked chamber orchestra, a deeply two-faced mirror, rings of power tools, sardine loaves, see-saws, slap scenes, fuck space, bells, chimes, melting ice, sandbags, a bit of back and forth, constellation Hercules, rules, regulations and war declarations as ancient poetics. All is accurate. A fast-pace back-and-forth love swamp.

The official Wednesday night performance (Nov 7) will be followed by three gallery days of aftermath, detritus and deities (Nov 8, 9, 10).

About the Artist
Marianne Vitale (b. 1973) is a New York based filmmaker, poet and artist. A founder of White Box, Chelsea, Vitale's projects include: "The Missing Book of Spurs", forty drawings of escape routes. Stockholm, Sweden (05/07); CHOP SHOP, an underground food-palace constructed with Agathe Snow (11/06); Crude Oil on Silk with Flipper Baritone, a Texas installation (9/07); That Brute Beasts Make Use of Reason, White Columns (see FRIEZE 03/07); INVASIONISTAS, a
collaborate effort to bring down Reykjavik, Iceland (10/06); "I KNOW WHO I AM!" docu-dramatic rendering of this character bashing retreat. SAKANAMA, Collective, L'ile-d'Yeu, France (2004); Co-founder of White Box art space (98); Published poet: Heights of the Marvelous, St Martins Press, (02), ORCHARD OF TEARS, with long-time collaborator Michael Portnoy, where dozens of actors, auditioned and grilled on their "special skills", display everything from Scientology's tone scales to how to change a colostomy bag while maintaining perfect posture. NYC (2000); Dorian Mornthong: Consider the Idiots!", Anthology Film Archives (1998).

Presented by White Columns. Curated by Matthew Higgs.

Marianne Vitale,
OK KO: Broodies in the Nesting

Showing at:
White Columns
Nov 7, 2007
7:30 pm


Marianne Vitale,
SN?–FRID N?°0 - World Premiere

Showing at:
Smith-Stewart Gallery
Nov 16, 2007
8 pm - 11 pm
and Fruit & Flower Deli